合唱指揮者。福島県立福島女子高等学校を経て、東北学院大学文学部史学科卒業。合唱指揮法を岡﨑光治、指揮法を久山恵子の各氏に、また2002年第4回カンテムス国際合唱祭国際指揮者ワークショップマスターコースにおいてDenes Szabo氏に学ぶ。
合唱指揮及び指導法をKatalin Kiss、Peter Erdeiの両氏に師事。声楽をJanos Klezli氏、室内楽をRoland Hajdu氏に学ぶ。またコダーイコンセプトに基づくソルフェージュを重点的に学んだ。2007年にはコダーイ音楽教育研究所Chamber Choirを結成し、指揮者として同研究所後期修了演奏会に出演。
2007年7月International Summer Choir Academyオーケストラ指揮法コースにおいてOane Wierdsma、 Andras Farkasの両氏に学ぶ。
現在は、M!Yagi Trinity Ensembleをはじめ、複数の団体の指揮、指導者として合唱活動を行っている。

Ms. Mika YAGI

She is a choral conductor. Graduated at the Tohoku Gakuin University (department of history). She studied her conducting skills by attending many courses. Her teachers were: Mitsuharu OKAZAKI (choral conducting), Keiko KUYAMA (conducting). She received diploma in choral conducting at the master course of international choral conductors’ workshop in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in August 2002. The instructor of this course was Dénes SZABÓ.

Since September 2004, she studied at the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music in Hungary as a scholarship holder of the Hungarian Scholarship Board (’04, ’06) and the Mrs Kodály Scholarship (’05). She holds diplomas in choral conducting and music pedagogy (basic and general) from the Institute. Her professors were: Katalin KISS, Péter ERDEI (Choral conducting), János KLÉZLI (Singing), Roland HAJDU (Chamber music). She studied solfege substantially, which based on Kodály concept, also. She founded the Kodály Institute Chamber Choir and performed with it at the final concert in the Institute.

She studied conducting at the Orchestra Conducting Course for Choirmasters of the International Choir Academy 2007. The course leaders were: Oane Wierdsma and Andras Farkas.

She is a director and conductor of the M!Yagi Trinity Ensemble and other some choirs and vocal ensembles in Sendai.

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