【練習日-When we rehearse-】
○毎週金曜日19:00 ~21:00
○Every Friday night 19:00 – 21:00

【練習場所-Where we rehearse-】
○A Shimin Center in Sendai

【入会金-Entrance Fee】
500 yen

【団費-Membership Fee-】
○Adults 3,500yen/month (Japanese and oversea)
○Japanese students 2,000yen/month
○Oversea students 1,000yen/month
(There may be additional costs for sheet music, event fees and uniform.)

【主な参加イベント-Events examples】
○仙台地球フェスタ-Sendai World Festa, organized by Sendai World Festa committee
M!Yagi Trinity Ensemble主催の交流イベント-Choral exchange events, organized by MTE

○Member’s age should be 20 or over. This choir is a mixed choir.

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